unleash your inner

wellness goddess

And get ready for that ‘where does she get that’ glow with this unique blend of 17 superfoods designed to...
  • Reboot digestion
  • Reignite radiance
  • Revive immunity
  • Replenish energy
  • Recover clarity
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Recommended by professional nutritionists
Sara Thomas; Nutritional Therapist

“I recommend YourBiology’s SuperGreens to all my clients as it’s the quickest and easiest way for you to rediscover your glow thanks to its expert mix of powerful, natural ingredients”

Sara Thomas; Nutritional Therapist

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feeling fatiqued
& famished?

Let's be real here... Your bid to conquer the world is stuffing your days with too many To Do's.

But it's not your fault — fresh tasks are continually coming at you from every direction — like paparazzi swarming a star-studded red carpet.

But here's the tea: this relentless hustle is seriously draining your nutrient reserves, leaving you high and dry.

Your cells are screaming for nourishment, and when it doesn't come, your body's gotta pick what should be shut down.

First recall slows, then focus spirals — and before you know it — willpower and decision-making are up on the chopping block.

Productivity starts a nosedive while creativity decides to jet off on holiday.

Sleep goes haywire, and immunity hits snooze.

As The Grind takes its toll, your once-sparkling spirit starts to fade away. Senses grow dull, and life begins to lose its excitement. You start to feel and look like a washed-up version of your former self.

Let's face it, life's one major downer when you're running on fumes.

nourished & flourish!

Introducing SuperGreens, your BFF in this nutrient-sparse world of non-stop demands.

Every plant-powered scoop of SuperGreens is loaded with 17 potent ingredients that deliver the extra goodness your body needs to stay replenished.

This oh-so-powerful potion is about to help you become the unstoppable wellness goddess, always ready to rock the day with radiant confidence, you know is hidden inside.

Imagine yourself gliding through daily tasks, feeling more in tune and inspired about life, all while flaunting that extra spring in your stride.

So kiss those quick fixes goodbye and embrace the lasting energy and wellness you deserve.

Let SuperGreens transform your life — in less than 1 minute a day — and watch as the best version of you emerges! Smile darling, you’re glowing.

unlock your full potential
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your passport to
wellness wonderland

serene digestion
serene digestion
Glide through life with smooth digestion, not to mention optimum nutrient absorption.
vibrant immunity
vibrant immunity
Spend less time worrying about germs and more time focusing on living your best life.
effervescent energy
effervescent energy
Power through your daily To Do list, freeing up time for the fabulous things in life.
unwavering focus
unwavering focus
Unlock your brain's full potential and make every day uber successful.
sunny vibes
sunny vibes
Seize the brilliant bliss that transforms ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.
luminous glow
luminous glow
Step into the limelight — bathed in the radiance of inner clarity and outer brilliance.
step into the world
boundless vitality
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full spectrum

...meets minty magnificence!

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • amino acids
  • flavonoids
  • polyphenols
  • antioxidants
  • fatty acids
  • trace elements

Welcome to the tasty side of healthy.

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the extra boost you need to

conquer the day!

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself...

I feel incredible

I feel incredible
"Ever since I started using SuperGreens, my skin is radiant and I feel incredible! Juggling my career and social life has never been easier. Forever grateful for this great product. I love the minty flavor in the morning!"
— Laura T., San Francisco, CA
Laura T., San Francisco, CA

supermom secret weapon

supermom secret weapon
"SuperGreens is the secret weapon of this young working mom. My energy levels are up, and I can tackle my work and family time with ease. I've finally found my perfect balance. Thank you so much!"
— Jessica H., Boston, MA
Jessica H., Boston, MA

killing it at work

killing it at work
"SuperGreens has revolutionized my work life! My focus is razor-sharp, and I'm killing it at my job. My boss is impressed, and I'm loving the newfound confidence. Thanks SuperGreens!"
— Stephanie R., Atlanta, GA
Stephanie R., Atlanta, GA

energy + optimism

energy + optimism
"I used to struggle with feeling 'meh' but SuperGreens changed everything. My days are now filled with energy and optimism. My friends have noticed the change, and I couldn't be happier!"
— Natalie F., Chicago, IL
Natalie F., Chicago, IL

my body is my BFF

my body is my BFF
"I used to struggle with so much bloating and discomfort. SuperGreens has been a blessing for my digestive health, and I feel amazing. My body is now my BFF, thanks to SuperGreens!"
— Sara M., Denver, CO
Sara M., Denver, CO

truly a lifesaver

truly a lifesaver
"As a career woman and mom, I need to stay healthy. SuperGreens has boosted my immune system, so I can give my all to my work and my little one. This is truly a lifesaver!"
— Karen L., Portland, OR
Karen L., Portland, OR

the ultimate nutrition bomb

17 rejuvenating superfoods in every scoop

5 supergreens

barley grass
All-in-One Wonder
Up your immunity, detox like a pro, digest with ease, energize, and think sharp!1
Algae is The New Kale
Glow from within thanks to this algae loaded with body-reviving nutrients.2
Stamina Elixir
The test squad kept their energy high after a 2-hour run, outshining those on a placebo.3
wheat grass
Packed with vitamins and minerals plus loads of trace elements. Hello, radiant you!4
Plant Power Player
Soothe a sore tummy, boost heart health, and kickstart detox with this green queen.567

3 digestive aids

Prebiotic Power Up
This prebiotic boosts digestion goals, immune strength, and heart health vibes.8
lactobacillus acidophilus
Bloat Buster
Clinically-backed to crush bloating and IBS drama in 8 weeks.9
lactobacillus bifidus
Smooth Moves
Fortify your gut lining, soak up nutrients, and breeze through easy bowel movements.10

3 fibers

apple fiber
Apple-a-Day Slay
Over 200 studies prove the old adage true: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".11
rice bran
Wellness Warrior
Digestion dream and disease defender? Yes! This nutrient-rich fiber's got your back.12
apple pectin
Digestion Darling
Unlock improved digestion and better heart health with this apple-derived gem!11

3 antioxidants

Workout Wonder
Amp up energy with this antioxidant proven to crush exercise-induced fatigue.13
superoxide dismutase
Serene Dream
Harness the power of this antioxidant enzyme to slash stress and fight fatigue.14
Energy Enhancer
Grandma knew best! Eating beets extends your workout stamina before fatigue sets in.15

2 sea superfoods

Oceanic Magic
Nutrition geeks agree: Kelp is The East's secret for sizzling thyroid health.16
Seaside Slimmer
Sculpt a leaner silhouette with this seaweed that burns calories and fights bloat.17

1 smart fat

soy lecithin
Blissful Brain BoosterThis plant-based fat amps up mood and memory while keeping SuperGreens fresh.1819
boost your self-care ritual with:


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60-Day "Hassle-Free" Money Back Guarantee

get your goddess glow on

in 3 easy steps...

    step 1:

    scoop & swirl

    Add 1 scoop of SuperGreens to 8-12 ounces of water or your morning smoothie. Enjoy minty serenity!

    step 2:

    savor the benefits

    Boost digestion, immunity, energy, mood, focus, and achieve an inner and outer glow.

    step 3:

    double the dazzle

    Bask in effortless, glowing health and embrace your stunning new life — up to twice daily.

easy, tasty,
friendly, clean

mixes easily

mixes easily

SuperGreens blends like a dream into your favorite beverages.
vibrant mint flavour

vibrant mint flavour

Indulge in mint bliss — not "healthy" greens bitterness!
vegan friendly

vegan friendly

SuperGreens is perfect for people following a plant-based lifestyle.
100% clean

100% clean

No artificial nasties — just pure nourishment.
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60-Day "Hassle-Free" Money Back Guarantee

90 days to beaming health

Here's what you could expect from adding SuperGreens to your wellness routine

day 1

Green goodness unleashed! Experience a gentle boost in energy and clarity as you embark on your SuperGreens journey.

day 7

Feel the momentum building! Expect better skin, digestion, and confidence as you complete your first full week with SuperGreens.

day 30

Getting closer to a new you! Expect enhanced focus, a brighter mood, and a flourishing immune system as you nourish your body.

day 90

Upgrade complete! Relish in your beaming health as you conquer life with boundless energy, resilience, and inner harmony.

elevate your wellness game!

effortlessly add 17 superfoods to your day
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60-Day "Hassle-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Results may vary from person to person. This timeline may not reflect the typical SuperGreens customer’s experience, and does not guarantee anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

radiant vitality

is closer than you realize

Life without SuperGreens
Life with SuperGreens
  • Tummy turmoil
  • Energy zapped
  • Immunity woes
  • Focus fiasco
  • Mood meltdowns
  • Dull skin vibes
  • Wellness struggles

feel renewed

(or we'll refund your money)

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60-Day "Hassle-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Get ready to experience a Head-⁠to-⁠toe holistic makeover

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Welcome to the tasty side of healthy.

  • reboot digestion
  • revive immunity
  • replenish energy
  • recover clarity
  • reignite radiance
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The Ultimate Nutrition Bomb

17 rejuvenating superfoods in every scoop

What's in SuperGreens?

A greens powder is a fab blend of nutrient-dense superfoods and other health-boosting ingredients all in one easy-to-use drink mix. It's your shortcut to nourishing your body, boosting energy, and feeling absolutely amazing. Just mix it with water or your fave beverage, and you've got a powerhouse of nutrients ready to amp your health in a jiffy.

What's in SuperGreens?

Ingredients: Soya Lecithin (SOY), Apple Fibre Powder, Rice Bran Powder, Barley Grass Powder (CEREALS) (GLUTEN), Chlorella, Spirulina Powder, Alfalfa, Beetroot Powder, Wheatgrass Powder (GLUTEN), Inulin, Flavouring (Peppermint), Organic Kelp, Dulse, Apple Pectin, Sweetener (Stevia), Co-Enzyme Q10, Superoxide Dismutase, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bifidus.

Allergens marked in bold.

Does SuperGreens replace fruits and veggies?

SuperGreens boosts your daily intake of nutrients and superfoods, but it's not meant to replace all the fruits and veggies in your diet. Think of it as a fabulous sidekick to your already healthy lifestyle, helping you glow from within. Keep on munching those fresh fruits and veggies and let SuperGreens work its magic alongside your nutrient-rich diet.

Is SuperGreens vegan or vegetarian?

SuperGreens does NOT contain fish, dairy, eggs or other animal-sourced ingredients so it's 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

How do I use SuperGreens?

Simply mix 1 scoop with 8-12 ounces of water or blend it into a smoothie. You can do this up to 2 times a day for max nutrition benefit.

When should I take SuperGreens?

This formula is crafted to pack the maximum concentration of essential nutrients in a single serving. Choosing when to indulge in SuperGreens is totally up to you, but we suggest not sipping on it right before hitting the sheets. Thanks to its nutrient-rich formula that amps up energy and focus, SuperGreens makes for a fab breakfast choice. Drinking it before bed could cause an energy surge, leaving you tossing and turning instead of snoozing.

Can I take SuperGreens on an empty stomach?

Absolutely! Taking SuperGreens on an empty stomach is perfectly fine. In fact, it can be a great way to kick-start your day with a nutrient-packed boost. But remember, everybody is unique, so if you experience any discomfort, feel free to adjust your routine to best suit your needs. Cheers to radiant health!

What does SuperGreens taste like?

Minty serenity! Like a refreshing mountain breeze whispering through a field of mint. We love to add it to a chocolate protein shake for the ultimate, low sugar "mint chocolate chip" dupe.

Will SuperGreens improve my gut health?

You bet! SuperGreens is packed with fiber-rich ingredients and digestive aids that work wonders to keep your tummy happy and your bowel movements regular. Get ready to say goodbye to pesky bathroom troubles and step out into the world with confidence!

Why does SuperGreens contain soy lecithin? I heard that isn't healthy.

This ingredient gets a bad rap but it’s not actually deserved. Lecithin is actually just a precursor for choline.

It helps with fat metabolism and can increase the absorption of nutrients. It has the added benefits of making greens powder more easily mixable, and improves the taste of the product, while protecting the probiotics inside SuperGreens so they stay fresher for longer.

What if I’m not satisfied with SuperGreens?

We've got your back with our "drama-free" 60-day money back guarantee. If SuperGreens doesn't rock your world, just send us an email and we'll refund every single penny, no questions asked. We want you to absolutely adore your experience with SuperGreens, so go ahead and give it a try, risk-free!

Is my order secure?

We securely process all orders using 2048-bit encryption. This level of security is the same used by all leading banks.

When will I receive my order?

If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom, your order should arrive within 5 business days.

If you live in Australia, Canada or France your order should arrive within 10 business days.

Looking for shipping somewhere else? We plan on launching in more countries soon.

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60-Day "Hassle-Free" Money Back Guarantee

Ingredient Benefits Supported By Scientific Studies

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